I’m sick.

Photo taken out at 'degnarly', corinne and dre's cabin.

Photo taken out at 'degnarly', corinne and dre's cabin.

I’m new at this blog thing.  I have no idea how to use wordpress.  I have only read a few blogs.  I just thought this was a good way of sharing my projects – mostly fiber related-  and travels (sailing, work, fun) without having to email, attach pics, etc….. every time I’m doing  something.  This is not about my life, and there will be nothing juicy or personal in this blog.  I am a sailor and land surveyor who likes to knit and make things.   I am one of those people who keeps her hands moving.  I am currently learning to hand spin and am taking a wheel spinning class in October.  I love ravelry.   Buku says to me, “You’re sick.”


3 thoughts on “I’m sick.

  1. Hi,
    I love it! I especially like the view from the mast…what a great picture..bet it makes you homesick for the blue water and the islands when you see it….we still don’t have our boat done…it will be snow here soon too! There is snow on the mountains already!
    are you going to weave rugs at all…even small ones? I set u a navajo weaving system a couple years ago and it worked really well….
    what else are you weaving? any more pic’s of your crafts?

  2. This is great! Seems like a good way to let us all know what is up. So are you selling very many items yet? If you have a stash let me know. When you do I will buy for the nurses for Christmas presents. That would make a great personnel gift. Especially since they already know you. Don’t forget to throw our Boo Boo face in once in a while. I love you. Darlene

    • i’m not going to be using this site to sell anything – at least not in the near future. but i can make you something for your nurses. 🙂

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