Get your Xmas orders in Now!!

i wasn’t intending to do any kind of selling of goods on my blog, but after thinking about it – why wouldn’t i?  i am saving up for a new boat,  and boats are expensive – so, now is your chance to request your handmade Xmas gift for the coffee lover in your life – and it’s reusable so you are being green!  i know, xmas is in months, but it’s not like i don’t have a full time+ job so i’m a bit limited on knitting/crochet time and thought i’d get an early start.

in short, i make really cute coffee cup jackets (usually crocheted in cotton, acrylic, or wool) that i named after my indian love, “shweta” that can be personalized.   i currently sell them at a coffee shop at 2101 Abbott Loop Rd. (in the strip mall north of Freddies) in anchorage – Coffee Cats – one of my bffs owns the shop and they do fairly well.

so, anchoragites, you can sample the goods there or simply  buy one, or you can get a personalized one by requesting them from me.  At the coffee shop they are priced at $10 each.  i will have some christmas themed ones there in the next month.

if you want to order through me they are $12 each – and $1 extra for a name to be put on it.  i will throw in shipping – if they need to be shipped (flat rate, US Postal Service, priority – super fast!).  OR get 5 for $50 – fully personalizable.

i will try to get some pictures up of the ones i have done in the past (if you have gotten one from me, please email me a photo!).  they are REALLY cute.  they also come with a little tag with washing instructions.  and if you don’t like it – i will totally refund it or send you a new one.

IF you are interested, please email me ( or my normal email), or comment on my blog (i won’t post your orders in my comments) and then i can figure out a payment option – paypal, a check, or whatever (anyone have any good ideas?).

***please include the following information:

1.  preferred color/colors (some of my yarns are variegated, so it will be a blend of your preferred color).

2. does the person like bright colors or more earthy tones?

3.  For personalizing ($1 extra): a name, nickname, logo, or an interest (there are many clip art options if you want a picture instead of a name) that you want sewn onto the coffee jacket.  or you can send me a jpeg of something and i can work with it.

Or if you want it to have a xmas, birthday, etc…. theme, let me know.  if i know the person, you can also leave it totally up to me, since i’m pretty trustworthy and don’t do anything distasteful, unless you want me to!!

these are really great stocking stuffers and would go great with a bag of coffee, coffee gift certificate, etc.

and i have another fun project brewing so i will thrown in a little sample of that for the first 5 orders.

ALSO, if you like any of the projects that i have on my blog or ravelry site, and you want something handknit/crocheted, you are totally welcome to request something – as long as it’s not something that will take me forever since i lose interest in big projects (i’m talking scarves, mittens, cowls, hats, etc).  i’m always open to ideas and personalization.

and that’s the end of my marketing.  ugh.  i need a boat.


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