this may be a long one, since i haven’t shared anything in weeks – there’s lots of pretty pictures though, so hang in there!

i didn’t get much knitting done while on my 3 week work stint in yakutat.  i finished a scarf  and some shwetas that i sent out the other day.  i also crocheted a slipper – and haven’t started the second one yet…  since then, i’ve been working on coffee cosies to replenish my stash at Coffee Cats.  I did some holiday themed ones that turned out really cute.  here are a few of them:

xmas shwetascoffee cats

i also started a stranding project that is turning out to be ridiculously cute.   i’ve switched colors before, but not quite to this extent – and i had to merge two different patterns so the deathflake chart would fit.  and i’ve been wanting to use the blue sock yarn that i got on b and my ‘mini-break holiday’ (see ‘bridget jones’ diary’) to the seward music fest.  it is plymouth ‘happy feet’ that i got on sale from from ‘a flyin’ skein‘ in downtown seward.  i bought the white yarn (also plymouth ‘happy feet’) from ‘far north yarn co.’ in anchorage with intentions of dyeing it – after i took a kool-aid  yarn dyeing class, but i thought it would look better as a “skull” so i went with it.   for the mitten part i used the pattern Squirrelly Swedish Mittens, but i kept most of the snowflakes from the pattern.  i’m not really sure what to do with the thumbs yet.  i think i might keep the snowflakes on the outside and keep the insides of the thumb solid blue. the cuff shown in the picture gets folded to the inside of the glove and sewn.  i finished the first mitten on a recent cabin trip, and just started the second.


deathflake mittens

The scarf i finished – pattern ‘liesel‘:


cafe au lait mitts i finished for my sister and haven’t yet sent her – her birthday was in september, but luckily she is living in california right now and doesn’t need them right now – or maybe not ever!!!  the socks i was making her didn’t work out since i was making them for a large man thinking the ‘L’ meant ladies size.

cafe au lait

and that handspun cowl i blogged about earlier??  here it is:

handspun cowl

i think it’s a bit big, so i’m felting it down a little.  i may add a button.

and the spiral cowl -definitely too big and needs a big fold with a button- which would make it warmer anyway:  IMGP5799

i think i need to find someone to model these – the 2d version is definitely not as appeasing as the 3d!

and here are some gloves that have been a WIP (work in progress) for awhile.  i knit them in less than two days, and for some reason i get so excited with finishing one that i go to the second without finishing the thumb on the first.  so i have one thumb left  – hmmm.. maybe i’ll finish them today?  i have done the same thing with my deathflake mittens (see above), but again, i’m not sure what i’m going to do with the thumb yet (that’s my excuse anyway)…..    this yarn is velvety soft and i did the striping different from the pattern – the  colors remind me of cookie monster….

c is for cookie

while i was in yakutat, ‘far north yarn co.’ had the Girl Scouts selling needle cases and project bags as a fundraiser.  i was bummed i was missing out, but asked annie to set aside a dpn case for me.  i am super pleased with what she picked out and am glad i didn’t have to make the choice myself!  thanks annie!  i made a few dpn cases when i got my new sewing machine last summer when i was playing with the different embroidery stitches, but they didn’t turn out quite like this:

Girl scout dpn case


i’m sure i could find a few more things to share, but am not wasting my sunday on the computer!  i’m still open for christmas knitting, so let me know if you are interested in something handmade!! i will post some of my yakutat pictures soon.

’til then…


One thought on “post-yak.

  1. The stuff you knit looks fab! I have yet to learn knitting, hopefully from you.
    Alissa, thank you so much for naming one of your creations ‘shweta’…means a lot to me 🙂 Love you loads!

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