we had a very untraditional Thanksgiving this year (not that a pig roast in the caribbean last year follows tradition either) and had king crab after a 4.5 hour ski to ‘Degnarly’.  we also had stuffing(yuck), cranberry sauce, and mashed sweet potatoes/potatoes.  i’m not a huge fan of the traditional thanksgiving supper (unless it’s one of my dad’s raised turkeys) so it was perfect.  we even had a pumpkin cheesecake to top it off.  it was a super long ski for me since i’m not much of a skier and it was snowing horizontally the entire time – worse over denali lake.  the ski out was nice though, a lighter pack and day old snow machine tracks makes me a much happier skier!  i am in the orange with the huge pack, behind me is jasmine – from florida – a super trooper – this was only her second time in skis!!

i started a project while out at the cabin.  The Springtime Bandit.  i tried starting it in the car, but the beginning is really weird, so after starting over a few times, i scrapped the instructions and just cast on two stitches and went from there.  the yarn i am using is cotton since it will go to someone in the desert.  i love this yarn.  it’s slippery and has a nice shine to it.  my progress:

corinne and i had a craft day for the new cypriot this past saturday, or was it sunday?  can’t remember….  and i just realized that i forgot to take pictures of what we did!!!  hopefully moksha and sergios will send us some pictures of their new daughter modelling our goods!!

i’ve also been working on a pair of felted clogs for a friend using the fibertrends felted clog pattern.  i have made a few pairs and found that this knits up super fast when you are a more experienced knitter.  this was one of the first patterns i knit when i was learning.  it is not a beginner pattern, but i powered through, and made three pairs of very beautiful clogs out of acrylic yarn.  ACRYLIC DOESN’T FELT.  the weight of the wet acrylic – which b was trying to felt atop our stove on the boat – actually made the  clogs bigger.  i called corinne for verification and we had a good laugh.  three pairs of clogs is very slow knitting for a beginning knitter!!  the clogs start out shaq size and then shrink into a nice thick felt after agitation in the washing machine.  the purple pair is the end product.  i made them for my mom for mothers day last year.

AND i finished one of the thumbs on my deathflake mitts.  orders (and iceskating and skiing) have forced me to put them aside for a bit.

on another note, please check out my new sidebar!  please check out www.buyhandmade.org for ‘handmade’ information.  also check out  www.etsy.com to buy things that are handmade – there is some really cool stuff. AND subscribe to myblog using the button so i won’t have to email or post blog updates on facebook!  now you can find this blog at:  http://www.nowhereslowhandmade.com!

’til then.


2 thoughts on “T-weekend.

  1. These deathflake mitts are awesome!!! You do some really nice knitted goods. We will definitely be taking some pics of Sofia in her new knitted kid gear.
    Hope the winter is treating you guys well. From the looks of those skiing pics, it seems to be:) Also, I think that it is awesome that your friend from Florida is on skis and looks like a trooper. I am a beginning skier myself, it is difficult at first but now I am hooked. Give her tons of encouragement:)
    Have fun in the snow and stay warm.


    Sofia, Moksha and Sergios

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