the tease.

so i’ve been feeling a little under the weather the past week or so.  i’m not sure if it’s the lack of vitamin d or just a cold i’m fighting.  i stayed home today.  and the “wheel” of my kiwi haunted me.  i should not have opened the box – or i should have just gone to work and suffered!  the rest of her/him(i think it will be a him- since my boat and my car is a her – any good names (peewee the kiwi)?) is in chicago and should be here by friday….

off topic:  out landlords took out the fireplace right before we moved in(we said no to an electric one(we pay electric) – we have gas (which our landlord pays) heating – hello 80 degrees! so we shine our projector in the empty space).

i was semi productive though and was up at 630 to take xmas presents to the post office (where the bright lights and crowd reinforced my decision to stay home) and i even finished a project i’ve been working on for my bff in stx.  no, it’s not a crocheted bodysuit(i told her i needed a HUGE box) like she wanted – though she told me it was ‘cold’ there yesterday and had to put on a jacket at 80 degrees(trust me, when you are at 90 for part of the year, 80 gets cold – especially with the xmas winds).  i can’t post a pic until i get it sent out and she receives it.  it’s pretty cool though.  at least as far as friendship is concerned.

and i also ‘made’ our christmas tree.  it doesn’t smell the same so i might go get some pine scented candles…

and we just got a bunch of fresh new powder.  and i want to ski.  so i need to feel better NOW.

’til then.


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