happy solstice.

yea for longer days!  lets just hope it happens fast – this ‘happy light’ i inherited from my brother just isn’t cutting it.

i finished painting one side of my wheel today. i have ideas for the side that i look at while i spin, but i don’t have it quite planned out.

i’ve also been working on this – diagonal lace scarf:

the photo doesn’t do the color (persian peacock) justice.  it is lambs pride worsted by brown sheep company, Inc – one of my favorite yarn companies.  it’s 85% wool, 15%mohair so its really soft and slightly furry.  the scarf is turning out a little wider than i anticipated, but i will fix that when i block it.  i bought 2 skeins of this yarn because it’s so beautiful.

today i emptied a bobbin of 173 yards of the brown wool i have been spinning.  i haven’t gauged (wraps per inch) it or anything yet.

i have been looking for labels for my handknit stuff and have been shopping around for awhile.  i want to incorporate my custom boat design that haley waddington (a girl from my hometown – wrangell) of marie case creations did for me a few years ago.  she is super creative, and does commission work.  i sent her a few crappy photos and she came up with the sweetest design.  check out her site!

most places want an arm and a leg for custom labels because of the set up and multiple colors, but i don’t need 300 of them!  i ordered these recently since they were cheap because they were pre-designed.  they are kids clothing labels from all things labels.  they are pretty cute though!

then my new spinning friend, jeanie , told me she just got some from a lady(mommiemadeit labels) on etsy – and they are reasonable and you design the label!  i will be going through her in the near future.

oh, and a huge christmas thank you to jody and sara!!!  i got this envelope with the return address “far north” and that’s as far as a read, before ripping it open.  $100 at far north yarn co. for christmas!!  i’m so excited…  i didn’t think i was a gift certificate, i thought it was a newsletter or something…  in anchorage there is far north yarn co. and far north fibers and i get excited at the thought of either one!  they live in new mexico and i can’t believe they looked up the local yarn store here!  thanks ladies!!!

happy solstice!

’til then…


One thought on “happy solstice.

  1. Your wheel looks awesome, just remind me not to sit in front of you EVER when I am spinning, you might put me into a trance and be able to ask me anything you ever wanted to! I might even answer honestly! Just kidding, I love the colors you have chosen. I need to get together with my spinning buddies and work on some consistency. I STILL have not taken my wheel out of the bag since our class. Maybe this weekend. I am so excited for you and your gift certificate. Maybe jealous is the better word. My swift was a good gift though and I wont complain, even though it has been backordered! Boo hoo. It will come, someday, I am sure of it!!! Alright, you have a happy week with solstice and Christmas and and and. Let’s chat about getting together before you head off to Hawaii. Are you taking him with you? (I am talking about the spinning wheel)

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