the night before xmas.

yea to 4 day weekends!

the other night i went by far north fibers and bought more ‘supplies’ – and it took all of my will power to not buy fiber! 

and i succeeded.

instead, i picked up a pair of handcards, a niddy noddy, and some oil for my wheel.

the niddy noddy (1.5 yard setting):

i don’t have to wrap my spun yarn around a chair anymore!  the niddy noddy telescopes to make 1.5 and 2 yard hanks.

is it just me, or does it look like a bike pump?

the handcards:

you add different fibers (colors, types, etc) to a card (they come in pairs), brush , then transfer the fiber from card to card until the fibers are blended to your taste.  you get puffy, soft ‘clouds’ that are easy to draft and spin.

end product:

i am spinning a brown wool yarn of the same width and will make a 2 ply tomorrow – if the test ply looks okay.

check back tomorrow!

’til then…


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