christmas cheer.

i hope everyone is having a wonderful christmas.  and you are happy and healthy.

i ran out of bobbins today.  grrr…  already ordered some extras from the woolery.

so plying wasn’t the smooth sailing i hoped.  i underspun my singles, so when you ply two together, some of the twist comes out because you are spinning in the opposite direction that you spun the singles.  so i got a fatter yarn than i hoped, and it broke a few times at the beginning.  but it’s all about practice….  it is more of a worsted weight than a sport weight.  but it’s still pretty.  i loaded up the bobbin pretty quickly, and will unload it tonight so i can ply the rest.  it reminds me of those really fancy chocolates that have colored frosting – or when you bite a smartie (my fave canadian candy) in half.  the yarn will get a wet wash later today to set the twist.

i did a last stop at the post office this morning – it was surprisingly empty.  my ‘muppet christmas’ dvd didn’t make it…  lame.  but ‘a christmas story’ made it so i get to watch that on xmas. i have them on vhs, but no tape player…

so what’s on everyone’s menu for xmas???  xmas eve is usually homemade sushi for us.

christmas day:

leg o’ lamb with rhubarb chutney i made and canned this summer.

pierogies (polish – mushroom/cabbage)

lumpia (filipino spring rolls)

veggie roast (garlic, beets, parsnips, carrots)

pierogies are a pempek family tradition.  i’ve been helping my mom make them since i was young.  honestly, we all hated them when we were kids, but now i love them.  and only eat them once a year.  which is a shame.  i started making lumpia to bring in my other nationality.  and b and i both love beets, so we roast some veggies every year.

it’s just us two, but that’s still a ton of food!  we don’t have dessert planned, but maybe i’ll make a cake or something…  we aren’t really dessert people – especially the normal xmas stuff – pumpkin or pecan pie!  yuck.  i do like kolacky my mom makes and her poppyseed bread.  and don’t get me started on the smoked meats (turkey, cornish game hen, duck) my dad makes, or his pickled fish!

happy holidays!

especially to our friends in ‘america’s paradise’!  it ain’t no jonny cake christmas.  😦 we miss everyone!!

’til then…


One thought on “christmas cheer.

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I was in bed with the flu! Today I have been grocery shopping, up to the hillside to retrieve a child and now I am off for coffee and knitting for a couple hours. My parents are still in town and are running around purchasing stuff for their bathroom remodel. My big Christmas gift yesterday was an OTT light. Just like the ones at Pamela’s. I love it even though I have only used it in theory. I will be knitting to it tonight when I get home.

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