hat trick.

so, i got a new hockey stick for xmas.  my very first hockey stick. buku and i skate a lot and he just thought i might need one.  i think to help him improve his skills – its not like i could ever play in a game or anything – i don’t stop very well.  it’s awesome.  we’ve been skating the last few nights (the lagoon – they finally cleared it – and the oval by the loussac), but it’s so warm here (32+ degrees – i can’t believe that is warm to me…)that the ice is a bit soft and bumpy.

on the bobbins…

i just finished up a self-striping experiment.  i want to make a hat for a certain little ducky and i had three different color greens, so i wanted to spin them in a way that made sense to me so they would self stripe.  and it will be knit. and i didn’t want the length of the colors to be too short – because it needs to go all the way around the hat.  so i portioned up equal parts of fiber and went with it.  i tried to spin a worsted weight and i think once it’s off the bobbin it will relax into a worsted.  the colors look so pretty so i hope it works out.  i am going to knit this yarn with a nice lite lopi yellow for her school colors.

i’m very excited about this project.  i hope it all works out.

today i went and spent some of my xmas gift certificates at far north yarn co.  you know you spend too much time at the yarn store when your in-laws from new mexico call your local yarn store and the people who work there know who they are talking about.  and then when you actually go to the yarn store, the girl who works there is just as excited as you.  it was really sweet.  i bought a new ball winder.  a royal one (not the big one).  the knitpicks one just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  the yarn guide on it moves around too much and my yarn gets all tangled on the spool.

last night i finished spinning this:

once i wet wash it it will hang straight.  it’s about a sock weight.

i think i’m going to start posting some of these in my etsy shop – which is completely empty!  so if you know someone who appreciates handspun yarn or know a knitter (every knitter wants/loves handspun, handpainted, etc… yarn – we cherish those that are not millspun!), check it out in the near future!

anyway, christmas was great.  presents, food, relaxation, skyping with family in arizona and wrangell, ‘a christmas story’, numerous texts from friends, playing ‘words’ with john and kailee on our ipods, talking to my brother who gets shipped out jan. 2nd :(, working on my projects, and the company (b-squared – buster and buku).  i’m very lucky to have such a great partner.  and very blessed to have such a great life.

’til then.


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