i love my friends.

right before my boss(one of two) left on vacation, we were talking about christmas.  he asked, “didn’t you ever get so excited about opening presents that you threw up?” ummm, no.  ok, if i would have known what i was getting last night, i just may have.  and i know this won’t impress ANYBODY, but i’m super excited.

one of my ak bff’s went through a ton of trouble, and bought me a batt, yes a batt, of 50/50 merino/silk.  and an ounce or two(i am currently shopping for a scale) of hemp(in the basket) from far north fibers!  we exchanged gifts at midnight last night and being as tired (and full of wine and plum moonshine – from germany) as i was, i suddenly became super giddy.

the batt is not dyed, and it still has some natural elements from the wool (sticks, leaves) which i love!  my plan is to spin it, then dye it, or vice versa.  i’m waiting on a consult from my spinning teacher.  i also have questions about the hemp since it is such a coarse fiber.  i don’t know if i should blend it with something, and what would work…. any input would be great!  i also got a great basket(among other great items and goodies) to set next to my wheel for my fiber.

i gave her this (among other things.  i made the tags yesterday – i will post the inside of the tags soon):

and i got to talk to my caribbean bff this evening- which is quite the feat since she is five hours later.  we tend to get off of work at the same time, so sometimes it works out.  she received her xmas gifts so i can finally post a picture of what i made for her.  she really wanted a crocheted jumpsuit, but i just didn’t think it would be logical considering the humid, hot weather there.  maybe some boomboom shorts bda! 🙂

“britta and alissa’s greatest hits”

written around the entire frame is some of our funnest times, written in the ‘tune’ of one of my favorite regina songs, ‘that time’.  i’ve only known her for two years (only two years? seriously?) and i didn’t have to fish around for things to say.  we spent almost every waking moment together in the carribbean and we never got sick of eachother.  we did everything together.  i would actually ditch buku on a regular basis to hang out with her, and i don’t do that much!  i miss her.  😦

off the bobbins:

today i forced myself to ‘let go of the wheel’ and knit a little.  i did take a skein (167 yards) off the bobbins to wet finish.  it’s another self-striping yarn for a short row project – gloves, scarf, etc.  i found it to be 15wpi – it varies in places between sport and worsted weight – still working on consistency!.

and this is ready to go.  a sock weight single(396 yards) click to enlarge.:

find it on etsy soon!

’til then…


One thought on “i love my friends.

  1. Awesome fiber. Beautiful spinning. Cool picture frame, that is a ton of writing but such an awesome idea. I love your new yarn! The stripes are great!

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