2009 was mighty fine.

in 2009:

-lots of caribbean sailing, diving, friends, fun-

-saw family in wi in january after the passing of my lovely, little filipino grandmother-

-lots of work in anchorage-

-a wrangell visit- little little brother graduating-

-little sister graduated from UAA, got accepted to optometry school, and got engaged-

-learned to spin (spindle and wheel)-

-got a spinning wheel!!-

-lots of  ‘degnarly’-

-friends and family having babies -stephanie and brian had sydney, jillian and phillip had tejase, moksha and serg had sofia, vanessa and andy had van, juri and roy had brady, chris and katie had oscar – sorry if i missed anyone, there are so many!-

-we sold our boat.  😦 but are getting a bigger boat.  🙂 –

-i opened an etsy store (click on link in sidebar) and started a blog-

-it was full of family, new friends, old friends.  lots of love and fresh air.  2009 was mighty fine-

on the bobbin:

ahh, my baby alpaca.  this is all i have had time for between christmas and a busy new year weekend at degnarly (more on that later)…  i’m spinning it as fine as i can, with a bit of extra twist as i will ply it with some silk.

on wednesday we stopped by the salvation army after work.  my finds:

a basket for fiber and a really creepy model for my hats!

COMING TOMORROW: what you have all been waiting for – sofia, the tiniest little supermodel from cyprus, will be modelling ABC (alissa, buku, and corinne) babywear.  🙂 see previous post here and here.

’til then…


2 thoughts on “2009 was mighty fine.

  1. FANTASTIC MODEL HEAD! I bought a wig model from the wig store but it is tiny. Yours looks like it will be a good representation of an actual head!!! I am so jealous. Your spinning looks FABULOUS. Keep it up!

    • jeanie! there was another head there. i should have bought them both and gave one to you. we go to the one on northern light by bostons and gci. it might still me there….. i don’t think styro mannequin heads are in very high demand. if i remember, i will stop by after work tomorrow.

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