our transmission to our little mazda died on the way out to degnarly over new years weekend (we were in wasilla making awesome time and we had to drive it all the way back to anc to trade for the truck).  we got it fixed in a few days for a pretty penny.  i’m going to have to cut back on my etsy shopping.  thank god christmas is over!

on the bobbins:

i plied my baby alpaca and bombyx silk today.  it was fairly smooth sailing.  the silk didn’t break at all and the baby alpaca was underspun in only a few sections.  the silk is so beautiful and shiny.   at first i didn’t enjoy spinning it because its a bit sticky and harder to draft when your hands are always cold.  once i got the hang of it, and turned up the heat so my hands were a little damp, it went really well.  i’m not sure how many yards i got out of the 4 ounces of fiber yet.

i ordered this (the blue) from a really nice lady in Maryland and carded it with some olive superwash wool.  i spun almost two bobbins of a worsted weight.  i’m almost out of the angora, but should be receiving one more ounce:

with my leftover silk i tried a navajo 3- ply.  it wasn’t hard, just awkward because i don’t have a lazy kate to sit beside me.

on the sticks:

still working on the diagonal lace scarf!  sorry val!  the holidays, skiing, work, and the excitement of my wheel have totally reordered my life.  i’m less than 10 rows from completion though.  which will be tomorrow, when i will be here.   feel free to join!  🙂

’til then…


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