i finally finished the scarf at friday night knitting.

and started this:

and finished it:

look familiar?  the green is my self-striping experiment yarn!  see this post.

it was awesome to knit up- the handspun was so light and slippery.  i didn’t want the gold to overpower the green so i only purled one row of it.  it needs to be felted down a little since it doesn’t fit even me.  i have a small head, but i think celia’s is probably even smaller – she’s teeny.

i hung out with stephanie last night and today.   we went to far north yarn co. to further deplete my christmas credit and give sydney a little taste of the yarn store.

i have a few things cookin’.  excited about starting a hat for buku – i never make him anything and always feel bad!  i picked out some manly colors and will do a hat like the one above.    the blue is for though.

one of my first posts was of this cardigan for sydney:

she was a big baby at birth and grew out of it so fast!  she is 3 and a half months old.

on the bobbins:


i took all of my yarn off today, except the unfinished one.  i got 220 yards from the baby alpaca/bombyx.  it’s gorgeous.  i also unwound 165 yards of worsted superwash mixed with exotic sparkly angora.  i have one more bobbin full that i will unwind tomorrow.  i will post pictures when they are both dry.

i’m going to crochet this into a scarf today.  it is the yarn that i dyed with koolaid a while back.  it is so pretty and sparkly.  i’m making it for my cousins daughter who is super cute and hopefully girly.  this is really girly yarn!

’til then…


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