so i was talking to my mom today on the phone while i put in the hat from yesterdays post to felt.  and i overfelted it.  not by much, but it’s definitely not what i wanted it to do.  and it’s ribbed on the bottom, which gives it the fisherman effect.  not happy.  it still looks cool, but i liked how it looked yesterday.  wah.

so i started another one, but it’s going to have more gold because i’m running out of my green.  and its smaller.

i also felted these last night:

see this post to see how huge they were before.

and the koolaid scarf:

i’m holding the yarn double so it will be thicker.

and a picture of nootka a.k.a. tootka (she has the worst gas) a.k.a. nooty pants and her friend.  i took this of her over new years weekend (the only picture i managed to take since we discovered the sd card was left in the  computer) and think it’s hilarious.

’til then…


3 thoughts on “ugh.

  1. Regardless of your overfelting (been there, done that) the hat is adorable. I love it. Does it fit your head, since you have a little one maybe it will! Your doggie is so cute. I love her and she loves her friend. I adore my dog too. I will have to post a photo of her in a future post! Are you totally getting excited for your trip this week? How long are you gone. Three weeks is coming to mind. Keep in touch with us while you are gone so we can live vicariously through you!

  2. yeah, she’s not my pup. she’s my best friends. she’s so cute though. dumb as a box of rocks, but she’s super sweet. and huge. she’s maybe around a year old.

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