2 more sleeps.

’til 3 weeks in hawaii – and gale and margaret and ethan!!

ta da!. the 2 ply.

i decided to call it Garth, after my friend stephanie (she looked like garth of wayne’s world when she was younger). haha.

new fiber.

8 ounces of superwash merino and alpaca (for $10.99 and free shipping!). it’s a really beautiful natural dark brown. i got it from the wc mercantile.

and i got the other ounce of exotic angora from avalon springs farm. *sparkly*

and i got this book in the mail. my spinning teacher recommended it to me. to heavy to bring on the plane. 😦

’til then…


3 thoughts on “2 more sleeps.

  1. Are you bringing the KIWI on the plane. That is the only question I have!

    Love your spun up fiber. It is beautiful. How do you get all that done! I spun last night too for 2.5 hours and I still have a ton of my 11 ounces to spin up! You spin like I knit.

    I made a cute fingerless glove out of my handspun from the other day. Will post to blog soon.


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