monday funday.

this is how my bombyx silk/baby alpaca turned out:

i was able to get 220 yards.  it’s really soft and drapes well.  the silk gives it a nice shine.

yarn i’m spinning for stephanie:

the multicolor spool is leftover wool i had from a soap felting project.  i’m spinning two sport weight spools (below) and will ply them together.

i finished the two scarves i’ve been working on and sent them.  i want to wait for the models to send me photos before i post pictures!  🙂

’til then…


3 thoughts on “monday funday.

  1. I love all those colors blended. Awesome. I can’t wait to see it plied up. I went home and cleaned last night so no spinning, no knitting (oh a few rows on a WIP). Then I watched FAME. OK. On to work. Love the spinning progress, it looks really even! Good work!

  2. I’m so happy because I am wearing my beautiful scarf!!! Thank you so much for the scarves and all the goodies. Gabby loves hers!! I saw it on your blog and when I opened the box, I was so excited to see it. You are so talented. We will take some pics and email them to you. Thanks Alissa!!!!

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