aloha vacation #1. upcountry maui.

here is the rundown of our travels in hawaii.  my cousin split up our vacation into three different vacations since we were going to completely different places each week.  i am publishing the posts on the last day that the post covers so it kind of serves as a journal for us and when we was actually there!  i will try to put more pictures than text to benefit us all!!

#1 upcountry maui (JAN 14-20).  #2 ethan and oahu (JAN 20-28).  #3 florida (kihei maui) (JAN 28-FEB 4).


we got off the packed plane and were pretty exhausted. It didn’t help that we stayed up late and had beers with friends.  our friend ben is leaving the state.  😦 we are very sad about that.

It is not as humid here as in st. Croix (usvi) so it was the perfect temp and our jeans weren’t clinging to our legs.

I snuck up on my cousin gale at the airport and scared him.

he welcomed us with these:

I hadn’t seen him and margaret since ’98 so i’ve been looking forward to this vacation. He hasn’t changed a bit (he says i haven’t changed a bit since i was 17, good or bad? :)), other than being really tan and sporting long hair.  and he has a vehicle!

After picking up our rental (they ran out of economy cars so they gave us a huge new dodge van! Yea camping!) we went straight to the beach to check out some kitesurfing- super windy.  And then to paia bay so gale and buku could do some boogie boarding.  The waves were awesome.  I was surprisingly freezing.  I have found I acclimate to warm weather must faster than cold climates!!

We walked through Paia town- very hippie place- I really like small artsy towns like paia.  We saw a girl punching a guy in the face (trainwreck!).  Apparently there are crackheads in this part of town.  Then we ate poke and taro at Baldwin beach as the sun disapeared.

Gale and Margaret live in kula, close to his work in Haleakala National Park, where he ‘eradicates’ pests that eat the plants in park.  he is going to try to kill us by taking us super white/green alaskans on a 13-mile hike through his playground.  stay tuned for that!

It is great to be in Hawaii. On the ocean and warm again.



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