sorry for no posts!  i have a few on my ipod, but it’s a bit harder to find FREE wi-fi around here, and i’m not going to search just to post a blog!  so you may get a bunch at one time since i have been clumsily typing them out while sunning my pale green, too-long-in alaska green skin at the beach. 

it’s been great.

being reunited with my cousin’s gale and margaret has been awesome.  he hasn’t changed in the 12 years we’ve been apart.  still hilarious!  and fun!  they were such a huge part of me and my siblings lives that i am so happy to have made this trip here. 

he took us to his playground (he works in haleakala national park) and worked us for 13 miles.  we were above the clouds so the sun was shining and it was breath-taking. 

today we did a beach day to recover from our soreness. 

i don’t want to tell too much since i will eventually post the ones from the ipod…

we requested an economy car from alamo, but luckily they ran out and we have a new dodge van!  we are taking it to see Jaws (surf is up 30-40 tomorrow) and then camping!! 

i may never come back to alaska.  🙂


’til then…


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