aloha vacation #1. upcountry maui.

January 17 and 18.

The Road to Hana.

January 17.

we packed up the van and drove the  very narrow, windy road along the east coast of maui.  beautiful rainforesty scenery.  it is known for it’s numerous waterfalls, but it has been so dry that there weren’t any that were worth stopping for.  we made several stops along the way (picnic lunch, bathroom, scenery)  to kipahulu campground, which is the coastal part of haleakala national park.  i loved the mix of trees with tall stalks of bamboo.

the road.  actually a very wide part of it!:

it was a little chilly and rainy.  we stopped at waianapnapa black sand beach.  there were a lot of people, so we didn’t stay long:

We made it to Kipahulu, no scratches or vehicle mishaps!  at kipahulu is oheo gulch where the seven sacred pools lie.  they were not open because of the lack of rain and the water was stagnant:

you do not want to swim out here, though it’s so beautiful and tempting!  not only is it rough, there are supposed to be sharks!:

there are trails around the campground.  it’s very easy to get away.:

campground view.  thought we ended up moving to the left of the leftmost tree later on in the evening because more people started packing in by us:

January 18.

sunrise campers!  it’s a new day!:

we got up early this morning to do a little hike (about 2 miles each way).  we were the second people on the trail.:

coolest tree ever:

the last o.8 miles to the waterfall is a bamboo forest.  it was a little breezy so the sound of the bamboo clanking against each other was so beautiful.  this was definitely a highlight of our trip.:

the end.  waimoku falls.  no rain, it was only a little more that a trickle.:

the drive home.  more windy roads, but this part of the coast is so gorgeous.:

i don’t know how i managed to get this shot, but i love it.:



2 thoughts on “aloha vacation #1. upcountry maui.

  1. That tree is AWESOME! And the picture…with the sun streaking down through the branches…definitely frame worthy!

    (Why do I have such a stupid-looking picture by my name??? How do I change that?)

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