aloha vacation #2. ethan and oahu.


January 20.

This morning i found this in gale and margaret’s tree up at their cottage.:

and took a few other pictures.  i love the hedge that blocks the cottage from the road.:

i honestly thought this was a pom pom that you use for crafts:

My older brother’s 30th birthday is today (see other post for this day) and it’s the beginning of our second vacation!  we packed up, returned the rental car, and flew to Honolulu. we found a great deal on a hotel and are staying at the aqua waikiki wave.  its only a block from the beach and right above the international marketplace.  it’s a really nice hotel and we managed to get a huge room with a balcony for $75/ night.

ethan met up with us after his class.  he will be our tourguide on his campus tomorrow.

January 21.

we met ethan at his dorm after his class.  it makes me feel so old to be saying that!  i have no idea why i didn’t think to come here.  the campus is pretty, everyone walks – in the sun, not the snow like my many years at UAA!  and it’s about a mile to waikiki and the beach.

diamondhead view from ethan’s dorm.:

waikiki view.:

ethan’s ladies.:

no comment.:

we walked up to the campus and checked out the bookstore and hotspots.

tomorrow and the next day we will be on the north shore camping.



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