aloha vacation #2. ethan and oahu.

JANUARY 22-24.

North Shore Oahu.

January 22.

one of my good friends from high school, kaelene, and her husband live on oahu.  i hadn’t seen her for years since we both don’t make it back to wrangell very often.  she has three cute little kids.  they let us borrow a ton of camping gear and suggested some campgrounds.  their favorite is friends of malaekahana in malaekahana park where you are awakened by chickens very early in the morning.  we booked a two-night reservation for a tent site.

the beach about 50 steps from our tent site:

sandwich dinner (we ate a lot of sandwiches on this trip – we were always on the move):

ethan’s bed.  he slept here for two nights.  i didn’t think he would make it through one in that thing!  it’s really comfortable, but doesn’t allow a lot of body position choices!:

January 23.

Ethan took us to all of the north shore hotspots.  some of them he had never been to because he does not have a car.

Pipeline (where pro surfers surf when it’s up).  he and buku body surfed and boogie boarded here.

ethan was so excited about the waves that he ran full speed ahead in his fins and tripped:

e catching a wave (may have to click to enlarge):

buku’s dog friend:

Then we headed to shark’s cove.  it was crowded.  ethan heard it was good for snorkeling.  we got there, and weren’t impressed, then we walked down to the tidepools, strapped on our masks and snorkels and were pleasantly surprised.  there was a ton of fish in those shallow pools!

the (unofficial) state fish – Humuhumunukunukupua’a:

Next we hit waimea beach – another famous surfing beach (yes, this is all in one day!!):

thank god it’s dark.  i’m pooped.  me stealing ethan’s bed:

January 24.

starting the day with a cloudy, but still beautiful sunrise:

today we packed up camp (ethan has school tomorrow) and stopped at makapu’u beach park on the way home.  the waves were huge and lifeguards spouted warnings every half hour or so.  the boys still found it fun.  this photo says it all:

a scenic stop just after makapu’u:

tonight we are staying at kaelene’s with her family.



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