aloha vacation #2. ethan and oahu

January 27.

since hanauma bay was closed yesterday, we went today.  it’s a really beautiful bay, with great snorkelling, but i found it super ridiculous that you have to watch a 9 minute video before you enter the park.  it basically tells you not to step on the reef and “look, don’t touch”.  and then everyone steps all over the reef anyway!

i hope i don’t bore you too much with all the fish pictures!  like i said, i love my camera!

we followed this guy for awhile (he had a cute little cleaner fish that trailed behind him):

and he and his sidekick:

and there was a small school of these big guys:

we thought these were cool looking – the only creature of their color:

these are my favorite fish when diving in st. croix (USVI).  if you catch them at the right angle, their blue stripe turns colors.  it’s really beautiful:

haunama bay.  view from the top – notice that the beach isn’t too crowded, tourism was slow while we were there:

the reef:

tonight we also said our goodbyes to kaelene and her family (though sanoe was gone and the baby was asleep).   we had such a great time with them and it was great to meet her beautiful family and catch up!

serious faces.  kiara, kaelene, and maka:

silly faces:

we miss you guys!

we are headed back to maui in the morning.



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