aloha vacation #3. florida (kihei)

January 29-31.

January 29.

we flew to maui yesterday.  we went up to gale and margaret’s cottage to say goodbye to the upcountry.  they have to be moved out at the end of the month.  so, we are staying down in kihei (on the coast) for the remainder of our time in hawaii.  kihei is a busy place with lots of tourists and time-sharers.  it’s not as quiet as upcountry kula, but there is always something going on.  it’s also much warmer and more humid in kihei.

last night we walked around in the evening.  we were (buku was) drawn to a hockey rink where there was a roller-hockey practice.  it was weird to see kids playing hockey in shorts, but wearing full on ice hockey gloves!

today we went to the ‘friends of the library’.  it’s a used bookstore where books are 10 cents!!  take that titlewave!  with books in hand, we hit makena beach where one minute, a big healthy dog was playing fetch in the ocean, the next, he was on the sand dead.  it was so sad.  we found out he was over 15 years old.  what a way to go though – on the beach and happy…

and of course, being in maui, we enjoyed the whales.

January 30. full moon.

today was another beach day – changs beach.  i love maui.

oh, and the australian open (tennis)  is happening this weekend, we are staying up way to late to catch the games!

January 31.

what else?  the beach – Po’olenalena!  we body surfed today.  i was quite proud of myself as i caught this huge wave, then it broke on me, smashing my face into the sand and filling my mouth with the gritty stuff.  i was also blowing sand out of my nostrils.  i came out with small scrapes and bruises on one side of my eye and mouth.  it could have been way worse!

pretty much what we did our entire last week:

with it being sunday, we also headed to little beach (the nude beach) for drumming and the sunset.  it was quite the experience and wish we had gone earlier in our trip.  at least we wouldn’t have tan lines!!  🙂



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