aloha vacation #3. florida (kihei).

February 1.  Old Lahaina Luau.

we went to the beach in the morning, then spent the evening at the Old Lahaina Luau.

when we were planning our trip to hawaii i had margaret suggest a luau for us.  we aren’t really into tourist things, but this was definitely worth our money and time.  the food and drinks were amazing, our hosts were very friendly.  it was a really beautiful atmosphere and the dancing and entertainment was incredible.

you can see a hint of my body surfing injury on the left side of my face:

i was sooo jealous of this guy in his row-dinghy headed to his boat as the sun set:

unearthing the kahlua pork:

ethan would have been drooling over these beautiful girls.  the men in their little loincloths weren’t so bad either:

we ended up being seated across the table from a couple from fairbanks, ak.  the other two couples at our table were from minnesota.  everyone escaping the winter.



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