aloha vacation #3. florida (kihei).

February 2.

as if our trip couldn’t get any better!  today we went and kayaked with the whales!  it was a wet day, but it was so much fun!  we put in at makena landing and paddled a few miles north – we only got distracted for a little bit as we chased whales.

the put-in.  buku all geared up and cousin gale documenting:

a man kayaking with his dog.  a gray day:

cousin gale on the shore:

buku enjoying the paddle:

little red sailboat:

whale tail:

chasing whales:


we made it!  that’s gale in the background after documenting our arrival:

they named their kayak “wrangell” since they wish they had her when they lived in wrangell.  the name is very appropriate as it rained for the remainder of the day!

we all napped for the rest of the day (i think i napped for like 3 hours!) and then we BBQ’d at the condo – in the rain!



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