aloha vacation #3. florida (kihei).

February 3-4.

February 3.

we did our last beach day.  i’m so sad that i will not see the beach for months.  months.  that’s such an awful thing to think about.  not even not seeing the beach, there isn’t a whole lot of sun either up here in ak!  😦  time to start popping the vitamin d again!

we went to genki sushi tonight as our last supper.  it was sooo good.  sushi comes out on a conveyor belt and you just grab what you want.  you can also order specialty items from a menu.  it was really good and they had a variety of items.

February 4.

our last day on the island 😦

Before our flight we went out to La Perouse Bay.

our final goodbye.  the best hosts ever.  it will not be 11 years before we see you guys again!  thanks for everything!

goodbye maui.



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