catch up.

i am slowly catching up on posts from our hawaii vacation. i have posts for the 14th, 15th, and 16th. mostly pictures.  it’s been hard getting back into the swing of things.  i’ve just been really tired lately.  it does get lighter earlier and stay light later, so that’s been really nice.  the day we got back we got a bunch of snow.  my mom was in town for a night so it was nice to hang out with her.

since getting back, i have received some fiber.  i will post some pictures later.  i have been spinning this:

it is the “fiber of the month” for january from lapoli.  i have anxiously awaited this fiber (i knew it was sitting at the post office the entire time i was in hawaii).  this is the first “club” i have joined.  i bought a three month subscription (40z./month) before christmas.  i like to be surprised by the colors – and it’s handpainted!  they were so perfect and bright upon returning to gray, dreary anchorage.

i really like this fiber.  it’s super stretchy and bouncy.  i think i want to ply it with something else to tone down the green.  i’m not really sure.  maybe a light grey (which i don’t have).  any suggestions??  i’m spinning a super light single right now so i really want to ply it with something.  i will post pictures of what i have spun up later this evening.

’til then…


2 thoughts on “catch up.

  1. I can’t wait to see what this looks like when you are finished spinning it!!! It’s going to look so good…LOVE the pink and green!

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