i’m not dead yet.

i’m not dead yet.

though we did get smacked by a truck today (not our fault, or really his)- we got around 4″ of fresh stuff this morning (snow on top of ice – not good for driving) and it’s still blowing around…  and i don’t think i will be driving for the rest of the evening.  especially since the tire makes a horrible scraping noise with the bottom of the car every time you hit a slight bump…  oh the joys of anchorage and it’s never ending winter.

i have been a little under the weather with a cold.  though i feel much better now and have more energy.

i have not unpacked from last weekends cabin trip.

i have not completely finished the posts for the hawaii trip.

i have been working on this (started it on last weekends girls cabin trip.  dang cute!):

i have finished this skein of yarn (one ply is from the fiber in the previous post, the other is wool i got when i first started spinning).  i over twisted it so it would look more stripy and not as loose as my previous 2-ply yarns (sorry, my camera takes horrible photos, especially in low light):

i have felted these flats (just have to sew on strap and find a pretty button – any suggestions on color or type?):

i have not done much spinning, and this bobbin is waiting to be plied with a mate (it will be identical to the second photo):

i have finished a few hats, but they will have to be posted later.

oh, we have a new home, her name is “willow”:

oh, to be on the ocean again…

’til then…


2 thoughts on “i’m not dead yet.

  1. OMG, I love the owls, I didn’t know there was a vest pattern. I am so on it. I love that. I can’t wait to get together. Will you be able to swing Saturday. We have a knitting friend, Sara, who is hosting it at her house. Let me know.


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