new fiber!

this weekend we escaped on friday night and stayed in girdwood.  they have a ton of snow and it was falling all night friday and then in the morning.  there were 9 of us in the cabin.  everyone else went to a bluegrass concert at the sitzmark so buku and i took advantage of the quiet time and stayed in with the dogs.

last night we went to the roller derby.  yes, anchorage has a roller derby – Rage City Rollergirls.  one of our survey friends is a member of the team.  it was so much fun though it was not a close game/match/bout(?).  we played a team from fairbanks.

this is the only photo i managed to get.  the girls move way too fast, and my action photography is not great!

i am way behind on all of my projects.  i managed to finish this hat while in hawaii.  i actually like it better than the first hat (even before i felted the crap out of it).

ANDi got my second month of fiber in the mail!  if you are a member of Lapoli‘s club, and you haven’t received yours yet, and you want to be surprised when your package comes (which i’m sure it already has – i am in alaska so was probably last to receive) STOP HERE.

around christmas, when i was learning to spin and got my wheel, i bought myself 3 months of fiber (12 oz. total of HANDPAINTED fluffiness) for a screaming deal.

i still have yet to finish spinning January’s fiber (see post).  receiving this beautiful fiber will definitely encourage me to get the first month spun up.  i love this fiber and was recently looking on etsy for a nice bright blue…

gotta get spinning!

’til then…


One thought on “new fiber!

  1. OK. I am totally amazed that Anchorage has roller derby. I watched that movie, the one with Drew Barrymore and it looks like a kick. I think I am going to have to get a small tribe of girls together and check it out. Thanks for filling us in.

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