a very redneck weekend.

i’m too tired to do this, but i made a list today and am sticking to it.

in the last week, i have been spinning my a$$ off.  my high speed whorl has made my finer spinning go so fast!

but to start, a new bumper (see this post):

they even cleaned my car inside and out, though it was nasty and wet out (i’m hoping this is break-up!) when i picked it up so ran through a ton of puddles on my way home.

and here is the AWESOME fiber i bought from the Fiber Festival a few weekends ago.  i’m glad i went, though the crowd was disappointing, it was nice to meet people, buy locally, and actually touch my purchases before buying (as opposed to buying on etsy).

From Northern Lights Fiber Co. (and her etsy site):

My first BFL:

i can’t wait to spin this, but have to scheme a little first.

and this:

and some fine merino from Touch of Alaska.  This is from a homegrown (ak) sheep (there is lots of organic bits to pick out while spinning this yarn, which i love!!  i feel like i’m on a farm or something).  i LOVE this green and am spinning up some fine singles to try out some navajo plying.

i also bought a little wallet thing (technically a billfold) for buku (it was his 32nd birthday the 13th.  it’s not very manly, but he likes a certain style and this lady made them).  i will have to steal it when he isn’t looking a take a picture!

and i have been spinning this – Lapoli’s February fiber ‘twilight moves’.  i decided to keep it as a single because i love the colors so much.  i split it up into 2 ~2 oz. chunks and spun up two worsted weight skeins:

i have some other stuff spun up, but don’t have any photos taken yet.  will have to wait until next time.

and some photos from this beautiful weekend.  it was the kind of weekend that makes you LOVE and truly appreciate alaska:

friday night 822pm sunset.

big and mighty denali.  she was out all weekend.

buku and jake filling up the hot tub:

andre a.k.a. lance mackey minus about 1000 miles, a dog team, and facial hair:

going too fast:

it was a great weekend.

and i got everything done on my list!

’til then…


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