amaryllis war.

one of my best friends will be giving up her swimsuit and tan and heading to alaska this summer.  from the far southeast (st. croix, USVI) to the far far northwest.  i’m so excited!  she got a job working at a fishing lodge/boat take out on the kasilof (in kasilof).  we will be only 4 hours apart – and i don’t mean by time zone hours!

this has to be my favorite picture of us.  that’s her in the background… haha!

on the bobbins:

i just realized that i never took a picture of the fiber when i got it (and i like to plug who i bought it from), so i had to steal this picture off her etsy site.  i got this fiber at the end of january from dyeing for fibre works on etsy.  it is a superwash merino cashmere and i love the bright colors!



this is the super fine homegrown merino i showed in the previous post.  i plan to navajo three-ply it (keep your fingers crossed that all goes well).  i LOVE this color!

off the bobbins:

a total of 662 yards of 2-ply wooly sockweight awesomeness:

328 yards of single-ply handspun falkland wool:

please check my etsy site (click here or the link on the right) if you are interested in any of these yarns!

about a month ago i sent my sister an amaryllis and kept one for myself.  we had one on the boat last winter, it grew, but never bloomed.  i think there was too much exposure to salt water.

my sister planted hers, but i hear it’s not going as well.  i don’t think she understands photosynthesis – a plant needs light ashley!  and water, so stop neglecting it!  and now she posted a fake picture of one on facebook and wanted me to believe that it was real.  so now we are having an amaryllis war.  it’s so on!

i planted mine about two weeks ago, and i think the recently extended daylight hours are helping it move right along.

this is it on the 25th:

and today, the 27th:

in yo’ face ashley!

’til then…


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