amaryllis update.

yesterday (the 28th) i measured my amaryllis and it was 10.5 ” from the top of the bulb to the tip.  today – it’s 13″!

the snow is melting – though it’s supposed to snow on wednesday.   😦

last night i navajo plied one of my bobbins full of green yarn.  i don’t have a real lazy kate, so i improvised:

it didn’t go super smoothly, but it wasn’t painful.  i started plying on the larger ratio on my high speed whorl and it was too fast.  so i switched over to the whorl that came with the wheel and found that slower was easier.

here is a picture of it, though it’s not wet finished so looks in disarray.

here is the orange/red yarn i have been working on – the merino cashmere from the previous post.

i love how it turned out.  it’s very soft and not ‘frizzy’.

and here is buku’s picture of a yarn turd.  he thought it was pretty funny.

’til then…


3 thoughts on “amaryllis update.

    • i wet finished it in warm water, gave it a nice gentle wring, snapped it to straighten it out, then i hung it up with some weight (full cleaning bottles) hanging from the bottom. this seems to work out pretty well. the visit with my mom was great. i’ll have to see what is on the schedule for friday, but possibly!

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