easter blooms.

today it was not sunny.  it was pretty gray and cloudy and there were even a few flakes earlier this morning.  buster still got out to munch on the expanding grass this morning.

despite the lack of sun, mary did poke her head out a little.  yesterday evening she weighed in at about 20″.

and here is ashley’s little weenie mary.  she finally put her out in the hot cali sun.

i started spinning my blue faced leicester (a type of sheep – you have to click the link!  they have crazy looking heads).

i think its going to be a dk weight single.

and that baby dress i was knitting for my friend here…  i finished the top and it was huge (and i ran out of yarn), like for a 2+ year old.  so, i found an even cuter jacket and am frogging the dress while knitting the jacket.  i think i might put some shorter sleeves on it though since it is coming on summer and trying to get a baby in long sleeves is not fun.  it’s a wool/cotton blend so it should be plenty warm over clothing.

it’s super cute and stylish.  it even has on offset button band down the front!

Happy Easter!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of our very own easter bunny, Buster and his pal mr.gnome (who i got from my sister and some jackass stole out of my fenced in yard!):

’til then…


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