yesterday was a shiny happy day , but today –  a gloomy day in anchorage (imagine that!) so i took today to catch up on some projects that have been nagging at me – some for weeks.

i finished an ipad cozy for a friend, but won’t post a picture until it is in the recipients hands.  hopefully tomorrow if it dries fast.

i finally got the buttons sewn on the mossy jacket.  it was already cute, but the perfect buttons really complete a project.  they are brown flowers.  this is going to a friend who is not super girly so i was a little scared of the bright pink, but i think the brown buttons balance it out nicely.

i have been spinning my specially dyed purple/grey wool from the sheep shed studio:

and my black cherry kool aid dyed mill ends.  they are kind of difficult to draft and spin because they are such short chunks of fiber.  i hate stopping and going so much.

and mr. richard finally bloomed!  though slow, he’s quite the looker (much like my little sister!):

and the title of my post…  buku got some shamwow chamois from a friend for his birthday.

the other day i was looking for a towel to roll up my yarn in after i wet washed it.  then i remembered the shamwows that were not seeing daylight.  it worked awesome.  especially doubled over.  not that it’s much different from a towel, but it definitely took more moisture out of the yarn than a normal cotton kitchen towel (which is saturated after one squeeze and not reusable after that).  i have been using them to get water out of projects that i block as well.  and the chamois he got are not all ‘shamwow’ brand, so this is definitely not a plug for that annoying infomercial!  so fiber fanatics – invest in some chamois (the ones you get for swimming might even work better)!

’til then…


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