baby kick.

everyone seems to be having babies these days.  so i’ve been making baby stuff.

i’ve been knitting small hats and little thumbless gloves (the ones they recommend so your baby won’t poke their eyes out or scratch themselves).  i found this awesome stretchy sock yarn in unisex colors:

notice the pom pon.  i made it with my pom pon maker!

i’m making a few hooded towels knitted out of cotton yarn. super fast and easy:

oh and the ipad cozy i finished last week for my bosses wife.  i really like how it turned out.

during blocking .  the handle was hard to get flat (i know her husband would appreciate my methods):

yesterday i talked corinne (didn’t take much talking) into meeting me at joann’s and we got stuff for baby blankets.  luckily all the flannel prints were on sale!  i got enough fabric for three blankets for $18.

and put this one together last night in about an hour and a half – way too much ironing – but still an easy project!  this is for buku’s little brother who is due in june (i think).  he will also get the dino print one:

more to come!

let me know if you want instructions, i may be posting some on my etsy (which you should check out, lots of cool yarn for sale) soon.

’til then…


One thought on “baby kick.

  1. That’s ipad case is sawwweeet!!

    The other day I saw a really young girle (maybe 5) wear a cute knitted head warmer. It was a head warmer that was like a head band with tappered ends that joined by a big button in the back….and there was a flower on the front side. Super cute!

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