mama mia

i hope i am half the mother mine is.

all my craftiness is a result of her.

my ability to giggle when it’s not funny is her fault.

i blame her for my green skin during alaska winters.

and my inability to fill out the back side of jeans.

ash, mom, john, me, ethan

ash, ethan, rupert (@ ‘hello deli’ from the letterman show), mom, alec, me in NYC.

me ruining mom and john’s picture.

buku, ethan, jared, ashley, mom, me.

alec (in the navy – has been living on the east coast and overseas (for the navy) the past few years) and mom.

the last time we were all together was ashley’s high school graduation in 2004!

skyping with mom and john.

the planas (i don’t think jeanne is born yet).  mom is between the two grown men.

she dropped each of us off at college, and went to all of our graduations.  only one more college graduation left – the pressure is on ethan!



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