yesterday i turned 29.

it was a great day – though cloudy – i got to clean my house!

with bda arriving tonight, it needed to be done!

though i did take a trip to titlewave to look through some books and took a  coffee stop at kaladi.

my birthday was great though.  buku is out of town (he is between school and work right now) to check out our new boat and build kiteboards with a buddy, but my friends (i LOVE my friends) made it a fun and happy celebration – complete with presents, humpys dinner, pub quiz (don’t doubt mariah carey, steven seagal or dre’s answers!), and homemade carrot cake (i had a piece for breakfast).

buku took the camera so i don’t have any photos to share.  but i will soon.  there are some homemade gifts that i want to share!

’til then…


One thought on “29.

  1. I’m so glad you had a great birthday! Best wishes for a healthy, happy and fun year ahead 🙂 Love, Margaret & Gale

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