a rainy day full of announcements.

i haven’t been on here in so long that i almost forgot how to post!

everything is well, it’s just been harder to post with the nicer, longer alaska summer days, weekend warrior trips, working full time, and my never ending want/need to take naps after work!  but today is a rainy, dreary day so here i am.

anyway, to explain my tiredness and the blog being the last thing on my mind:  buku (my partner for the past six years) and i are expecting our first child the first week of october!

we are ready and very excited about it – though, it might come out saying “duuuude” as that’s what b says in reference to the growing belly.  we are planning a home, water birth through Geneva Woods Midwifery and Womens Clinic.  they are amazing ladies and we have friends and acquaintances who have had incredible birth experiences through them.  i actually just bought some cloth diapers on craigslist from a lady who had the same midwife as i, and talked to her about her experience for awhile.

so far the pregnancy has been great!  and i’m not sugar coating it.  it’s made me more calm then i’ve ever been.  i didn’t have any of the typical pregnancy symptoms – morning sickness, crazy hormones (ok, maybe like twice), weird cravings, hunger issues, etc..  i don’t really feel pregnant other than being able to fall asleep easily, the expanding belly and milk factory, and the kicks from the inside!  my abilities at work start to wane at around 330pm, but i try to get in there early enough so i’m not completely useless by that time of day…

anyway, enough about being pregnant, i’m sure you will hear more (if i can get it together to blog a little more)!

and an even more important announcement:

buku’s little brother had a baby boy yesterday – i’m an aunt!  tristin michael:

i have been in the garden and sewing a lot.  mostly baby blankets and burp rags as gifts (many friends are expecting) and a few things for myself!  a few friends and i also tie-dyed some onesies (the weird one piece contraptions with the buttons at the crotch – for those of you who don’t know – JODY!).  i will post pics soon.  just want to get this posted.

’til then…


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