dirty laundry.

it’s laundry day.
when the diaper bucket is full, that’s our cue.  we have been cloth diapering for awhile now.

i love it.

no blow-outs and no buying diapers!

and it’s raining and b has some boat projects he needs to get done, so we’ve been chillin’ in the marina laundry room.

here is a sweater i made for the little fish (very recent photo – he’s almost 4 months old now).  it is from the f.pea knitting blog, click for pattern.  i have actually knit two, but gave one to rudder’s cousin who is three months older.

i never did get a button sewn on.  i had another cardigan ready, but didn’t get it blocked and finished before he grew out of it.

do you know how hard it is to find mini wood toggles without ordering off the internet?  i swear, when i find some i’m going to stock up!

oh, and i wanted to share his halloween costume.  i know, when he was a little tiny thing, he didn’t need the hat to pull off yoda….

i made the hat out of a fleece remnant i found at joanns.  it is loosely based on this tutorial though i stuffed the ears with grocery bags to make them stick out.  the  robe is made out of a tote bag that was lying around the house.  his dad made him the light saber fashioned out of a glow stick (cut the tip off, add a little duct tape and sharpie some buttons on).  total cost, under $5 and it took literally less than 20 minutes.  the cutest yoda, and possibly the cutest halloween costume ever!   😉

’til then.




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