A new machine.

I love my new sewing machine. I’m sure, in the future, I will run into a project it will not be able handle, but for now, I love it. the true test will be re-covering our boat cushions.

I bought a janome sewist 500.

It’s a little spendier than my past machines, but they were junk. They were both brothers. I liked them for simple things- baby blankets, fancy embroidery, etc, but they could not handle more than three layers of the thinnest fabrics. They were just super basic and super light machines.

They both jumped all over the table when I sewed.

One thing I did like was the option of using the foot pedal or push button to sew. I prefer the foot pedal since I learned to sew with one. I also feel like I have more control. The push button controls are convenient if you don’t have a proper table to sew at.

For example, when you are sewing cushion covers for your first boat, the s/v annalisa and your tiny queens studio apartment doesn’t have room for a proper desk/table so you decide to dine ‘japanese’ style.  it is very difficult to sew with a foot pedal using a table that is shorter than a coffee table!  when i find the photo of me sewing those cushion covers, i will post it.

So last night I tried out the new machine to sew a few simple, but very important sailing projects. A lee cloth and a man-overboard flag.

A lee cloth holds you in a bunk when the boat heels to the opposite side.

A man-overboard flag goes on a buoy with a light attached and is thrown in the water as close as possible to an overboard person so you can mark their position and attempt to save them.

the new machine worked great.

i love this machine.  for now.


’til then.


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