he does tricks!

i had to share these two photos (they are hilarious) and this one project.

rudder just started using teething toys, but apparently sometimes he doesn’t know what to do with them.

this is what happened when i turned my back.  he was just sitting there acting like nothing was wrong.

and then i started laughing hysterically, so did he.  i almost didn’t get a picture in time.


i can’t believe how much he makes me laugh.

on our drive from the southwest to north carolina (where we are outfitting the new boat), i quickly knit this hat for the little fish.  he needed a new one as his brain is getting big fast!


behind him is another hat that i knit before he was born.  it’s almost too small.

the new hat has a little loop on the top, but i will get a better photo later.  i’m glad i knit this up for him as it is so damn cold on the east coast.

i’ve been whining.  a little.

ok.  one more photo.  i just have to share how polite my little boy is.

’til then.


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