We are in culebra, PR right now.  Its a nice little island where the groceries are somewhat limited, but super cheap, at least compared to the USVI. 

We took an hour + ferry ride over to fajardo on wednesday.  It only cost $2.25 per person!  Fajardo is where the action is- walmart, marine stores, mall shops. Its like what ketchikan is to wrangell.  So naturally we hit up the walmart to get some odds and ends- fabric, tools, etc. that you can’t find in st. croix.  And ran across the street to west marine as well for some over priced boat crap.

Yesterday we put our new little gas generator and sewing machine to work.  It worked great and we were able to complete a few projects.  The most important being a sunshade for our cockpit.  Ol’ annalisa (the old boat) had a nice canvas bimini to shade from the sun, willow (which the spanish speaking people pronounce wee-yow) has a huge unprotected cockpit.  I made a shade to hang over the boom using some discounted $2 per yard walmart fabric, some webbing, and d-rings.

We also made some pockets to snap onto the bottom of the interior benches for rudders toys to free up some space for more books in our book shelves.

The weather has been a little cloudy.  There has been some thunder and lightning in the evenings.  I enjoy the much needed rain – i set out the dirty cloth diapers and let the rain wash them to conserve our fresh water.  And the deck gets washed!  Win, win.

I will post pictures of the pockets tomorrow, along with some headliner work we did today.

’til then.


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