food blog. kale, mangoes, pig.

this is all about food.

i promise that i will try not to blog about food much since i HATE it when people post pictures and details of what they are eating on facebook

when rudder and i were driving from the east coast to the southwest we drove through georgia to visit my cousins, (the same ones we visited in hawaii) gale and margaret, and their new property. they are in the beginning stages of a goat farm where they plan to make cheese and other products.

gale and margaret are two of my very very favorite people in the whole entire universe, so i’m glad i got to visit them and they met rudder when he was so small.




while i was there he made me some kale (gale eats kale. haha.). he sauteed it in a wok with some olive oil and garlic. it was so easy and delicious and i’d been wanting to eat some kale ever since.

then i remembered this post on my friends blog.

i find anything with brewers yeast delicious.

i finally found some overpriced kale at plaza west.

enter the new oven, and we have delicious kale chips!

even buku liked them.

and they were super duper easy.

definitely a new boat snack.

locally, mango season has just begun!

i’m so excited since we have never been here at the beginning of it. though i am leaving soon to venture off to alaska for my sister’s wedding, i plan to make the best of it. i have already scouted a tree today off of the main roads, but it’s in the middle of the rainforest and it’s quite a drive.

yesterday i bought 5 mangoes for $1 at the corner shop. today they were 3 for $1. still a deal.

and today we went to a pig roast in the middle of the rainforest – where said mango tree is.

there is nothing like a freshly roasted pig. i even ate some pig skin – and i have animal skin issues. i do not eat animal skin. it just grosses me out. but this, this pig skin, was so tasty.


i have some slight meat and seafood issues. i think it’s because i grew up in alaska where my dad hunts and always provided the meat and fish. i always knew where my meat came from, no hormones, no chemicals. and i knew (though i never ever thought about it) how it was processed.

when i moved away from home, i started eating and buying meat less and less because you just never know where it’s been. here in st. croix the meat is barely frozen at the store.

just the other day we were going to buy some frozen chicken and it was definitely not frozen even though it was in the freezer.

it’s just too scary. meat at the grocery stores has to come a long way to get here and who knows how many times it’s been frozen and thawed.

i don’t like mystery meat.

’til then.


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