Stx to tus.

I hate flying.

I don’t hate the actual being up in the air on a plane.

I hate airports. 

I hate tsa.

I hate having to take off my jacket and shoes.

I hate it when they test my breast milk or make me open the home made baby food and then they make a face.

I hate being squished next to someone i don’t know.

I hate the teeny tiny space that my short legs just fit in.

I hate that they are now making you pay for in-flight entertainment and food, as if you haven’t paid enough for your seat and baggage already.

I hate that the small planes don’t have a diaper changing table and the flight attendants tell you that changing your son in the seat is unsanitary when there are dogs and cats pooping themselves under peoples seats.

I hate that even though you bought your tickets way in advance and specified that you were lapping an infant, they still separate you from your partner.

I hate the miami airport. We had to go out of security and back in to change terminals during a super tight connection. And I didn’t have an infant ticket though I specified I was flying with an infant online, so had to go to ticketing before going back through security.  And they made me throw away my $5 fiji water I had just bought.

I hate that bottled water is super expensive at airports.

I hate it when the airlines loses your gate checked carseat,  which you are expecting at the other end, and your two bags.  And then they deliver one piece of luggage per day over the next three days.

But we made it to tucson, where I spent the dirty thirty.

And then drove to santa fe for a few days. 

And now we are denver bound to stay with john and kailee for a few nights.

And then treking way way northward.

’til then.


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