road trip hats.

i find that i get engrossed in something for awhile and then can just drop it. i really do have a good excuse for not crocheting or knitting in some time.

well, excuses. knitting kills my right wrist and i need/want it for yoga right now. i have no yarn here. i haven’t done much knitting on the boat because it’s too hot and sticky to play with wool or even acrylic or cotton. i have an eight month old child and must choose my free time activities wisely – reading, eating, hanging out with the fam and showering have been top priorities.

my bff and another friend road tripped to homer, ak from maine last month.

bda (my bff – aka britta) was in kasilof last summer and worked at a fishing lodge. she thought she wanted to go to ak (homer) and give her a chance to redeem herself after last years summer of rain. i believe she is headed back to stx as i type.

she met a boy.

she was accompanied by the lovely ava (hails from maine) and two dogs – little tiny zoie and a rambunctious one year old dog from puerto rico – piko. ava (and piko) remains in homer and is working at the local sushi joint.

i crocheted both of them hippie hats and told them they will fit right when wearing their xtra tuffs at music festivals. .


i didn’t get pictures of either of them modelling them. and ava has since misplaced hers (i made hers out of the green sparkly yarn that makes up the flower of the hat above). boo.

but i did get the cutest little model to try bda’s on. it looks much better on a real sized head!


’til then.

p.s. lion brand cotton ease yarn kinda sucks. i ran across at least 3 knots that were there to tie the yarn together. one segment was around 14 inches. annnoying!


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