and we are live.

not really, but rudder has his own channel on youtube!

you are probably thinking – why? he’s only 8 months old. what can he do that is so interesting?

nothing really.

but he is pretty funny and cute.

i made a channel for him since my mother gave us a video camera for christmas and it’s an easy way of sharing videos with multiple people – and our families are hugemongous.

before he was born i never realized there was going to be so much pressure from friends and family to share photos, videos, etc.

thank the higher powers for internet!

here is the link for his channel:

i will try to let you know when i have posted new videos.

oh, and i’ve been knitting.

rudder has almost grown out of his last hat i knit for him. see this post.

and we are in alaska, so he needs a new one.

it’s so close to being done, so i may post a pic tomorrow.

until then, enjoy this picture:


from left: buku and delicious crab, ethan and delicious crab, delicous salmon that my uncle roy caught, my uncle roy and delicious crab, and me and delicious crab.

AND congratulations to my little little brother ethan for surviving and passing his air assault training!

he was is oregon for the past two weeks repelling from very high towers and even from a blackhawk helicopter at 90 ft.

he also had to endure a 12 mile ruck.

no easy feat!

but i’m glad he is back here in alaska because it gets really boring when its just me, rudder and my parents.

rudder is a good listener, but sometimes i need a little more feedback. 🙂

’til then.


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