foto friday.

i started foto friday as an easy way to publish at least one blog post per week.

and there are always photos i want to share, but not necessarily write about.

i want them to be of different subjects and not entirely about crafts or fiber arts.

i know 99% of them will be rudder.

i apologize for that.

i can’t help it, he’s just so damn cute.


this is the view from the house i grew up in. in the boat is my dad, uncle roy and buku.

ethan is helping them out on the beach.

this is exactly why i can’t live away from the ocean.

imagine seeing this everyday of your young life and then one day it’s not there.

this is why i enjoy living on the boat so much.

and another reason to return “home”:


mabel lives in an assisted living home in wasilla, but came back to wrangell for the wedding.

soooo many memories with mabel. i am glad she was able to make some with rudder – including giving him his first bite of dixie cup and a beanie baby!

being at my parents house is just not the same when mabel is not next door.

’til then.


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