oh yeah.

oh yeah.

that hat i made rudder.

it’s kind of annoying because he is becoming so much more aware of his environment. he now knows how to take off hats – especially if they are not lashed to his head with velcro or a shock cord.

i checked out a few knitting books at the library weeks ago.

one being “beanie babies” by amanda keeys.

the other “special knits” by debbie bliss.

they are both awesome and have the cutest patterns.

they have both been renewed once (4 weeks total).

and they are both currently overdue.

the hat design is out of “beanie babies”.

i was going to do the ‘pompom bear’ pattern, but i don’t have my pom pom makers here and i was feeling lazy.

so i did the base of the ‘pompom bear’ hat, but made ‘ears’ like the ‘flour sack’ beanie in the book. they aren’t supposed to be ears, but they look like ears.

and they are super cute.

and that’s why he looks like a girl in it. non-girly colors, but still sorta looks like a girl.

disclaimer: the following pictures were taken by his nana while he was in the care of his nana. i would never let Otso get away with making my little baby cry like this. 🙂

2011-07-06 14.24.03.jpg

2011-07-06 14.24.05.jpg

2011-07-06 14.24.09.jpg

2011-07-06 14.23.55.jpg

2011-07-06 14.23.51.jpg

oh yeah, check out the 1980s/90s stroller. nice, eh? i’m borrowing it from a guy whose grandkids are almost grown.

oh yeah, i’m not a huge fan of knitting books – i hate buying a book for 20 bucks (or more) with only one good pattern in it, but if you are looking for awesome and mostly easy, baby/toddler/kid gifts to knit up, i highly recommend either of these books.

i really need to just buy them so i can finally return them to the library.

if you go to the debbie bliss link above, you will see that it is temporarily out of stock on amazon.

it’s that good.

oh yeah, and how awesome are libraries?

’til then.


2 thoughts on “oh yeah.

    • I know. Otso loves rudder. rudder usually doesn’t cry when he gets licked, but I think he’s crying because he’s strapped in the stroller and can’t do anything about it!

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