it’s the most important meal of the day.

this morning i woke up to the little dude trying to feed me cheerios.

there was one stuck on my lip and one on it’s way there.
how he got his cup of cheerios, i will never know.

it might be better than how i usually wake up – with either his feet in my face or propped up on my body, and him taking up all the space as he lies perpendicular to me.

or sometimes with his cute little chubby face in my face.

or him clawing at my shirt.

or him picking at one of my moles – which is not pain-free.

i never know how he will wake up, but he always falls asleep like this.

as soon as he puts his hand over his eyes, i know he means business.

and then throughout the night he’s a clingly little leech.

even at a few days old, he would open one eye just to make sure someone was there.

now he doesn’t care during naps, he just wants someone there at night.

if he has to be in bed, someone else has to go to bed!  rebellious already.

i’m going to miss this when i have to kick him out of the bed.


’til then.


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