foto friday.

another day of southeast ak bone chilling rain.

it’s been raining for weeks. it poured hard all day.

but we kept busy.

bearfest is this weekend so smokey made an appearance at the library.


we usually go to the library every friday anyway for “read with a ranger” a US forest service summer reading program.

little smokey didn’t know what to think of big smokey. he was a little scared and couldn’t keep his eyes off of him.


he discovered puzzles. and did the total opposite and made sure the pieces were out of the puzzle, not in.

and he woke up a little grumpy from a nap. i think because he was awake and had time to make this mess before i heard him yelling for me. i think he even ate a little kleenex.



and then we went to family swim tonight.

we have been swimming about every other day for fun and then i’ve been doing lap swim in between those days.

he loves it. he was getting cold fast, but i recently discovered it was his disposable diaper that was making him cold. the last few time i’ve brought him in a cloth diaper and he doesn’t start to shiver until at least 40 minutes.


he can use his cheeks as flotation devices.

it’s pretty fun. we chase balls and rubber blocks around, do lots of splashing, and practice our dunking, kicking, and floating skills.

tonight uncle ethan came with us after coming home on a float plane. he is scruffy from spending all week in the field getting rained on.


’til then.


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